She is

She is the same

Same as the monsters among her

She has a gloomy cloud

Filled with indescribable lighting

Hovering her

She is the same

Her eyes are in pain

They are tired

She is the same

She’s filled with many thoughts

Thousands and thousands

“Every day feels the same”

“What's the point of existence?”

“When I should be extinct”

She is the same?

On the top of her insecurities

She smiles for the first

And last

With a leap of faith

She is the same?


She is different from the monsters

Different from the ones who held the knife

Because she held the pain

She smiled through the pain

Carried everything on her back

To the monsters

She was just another them

She is not the same

Because she is an angel
--April H., 7th-8th Grade