September 11, 2001

A normal day.
It was a normal day like many, I thought.
A day that forever changed me, the city of New York, and the United States
So many lives lost on the day of September 11, 2001
As soon as I entered the first tower, I heard screams
Cries for help
People running down the stairs, stuck in elevators
The pain I experienced was truly life changing
My pain was nothing compared to the pain of the families or the people who were there The smell
It wasn’t the smell of dead bodies like some think
That day had broken us as a nation
I’m no hero
I didn’t get everyone, that’s my job
I failed that job
2,996 people were killed and that’s because I failed my job
Mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters were taken, even if not old.
The cries I once heard were whimpers
Then, silence
The attacks of September 11th, 2001 forever changed the ‘American Dream’ September 11, 2001
A day remembered by millions

--Laela G., 7th-8th Grade