The stars shine a little brighter tonight
As though each tiny pinhole is lit from within
Like bulbs on a Lite Brite screen
Their celestial burst of sparks falling like glitter
It’s a welcome home for a lost soul; returning, reunited, rejoicing
I have done my time on Planet Earth
My place is in the heavens now
Amid the cobalt skies of midnight, and cobweb clouds of gossamer
I shall slumber on goose down, and dream of you
Each and every one of you
Who loved me and made my life better
 Spring threw her arms around me, and so did you
I bloomed in your presence
I came to you broken, forgotten, left behind
My feet were sore, my body scarred, my aching spirit in tatters
But you carried me to this place
And I was afraid
Scared, snapping, skulking about
I never knew treats, toys, or tenderness
You tempted me with food, water, comfort, and kindness
Summer threw a fireball curve and knocked me off my feet
You doused my flames in a kiddy pool
I gave you muddy paws, slobbery kisses, and joy
You majored in patience, when teaching this old dog new tricks
Hard lessons for both of us
We walked and talked and shared secrets
The leash joining us together, waves of happiness with each step
Fall exploded in red and gold, the sunsets dusky purple
Leaves fell silently and carpeted my yard
I remember all those years of chasing cats and squirrels
And the occasional volunteer
My friends were dogs and humans alike
My enemies too
When giving me medicine or a bath, I may have nipped your nose
For this, I truly apologize
Thank you for every soothing pet on the head, and every nasty tick pulled
Because of you, I lived a real dog’s life
When Old Man Winter showed up, you appeared with extra blankets
I burrowed into them, warming my whiskers
I waited and waited and waited
For my forever family to come
But you became the family who would love me forever
I will be the shooting star you see tonight
I’m the reason for the seasons

--Wendy H., Adult