Say Anything

Say anything but the truth.
I’ll speak to you how you speak to me in ignorant bliss.
our business completely utterly unfinished.
twisted words and unnerving omen.
the will power it takes to hide, to conceal
to demise
to camouflage
even what should have been perceived with the naked eyes
because the devil works hard but not as hard as a person trying to hide something from you.
shown something larger than life but in the absolute worst way possible
alternatives facts larger than the galaxy
the truth that could be told in a heartbeat of harsh mentality
is it truth be told
because a lie tied together as extravagant as a birthday present is better than the cold harsh reality.
the backwards reasoning
the lies that we glorify.
but in actuality we are all horrified.
horrified of the sinful bent truths that are spread from time to time.
and trusting again seems impossible
and picking yourself after being thrown to the floor emotionally is difficult
finding yourself is hard
trusting again seems incomprehensible
but you will trust again
you will find your light in the dark
with your eyes dryer
head higher
smile wider
you move forward
because in the end, we are all liars.

--Manjot D., 9th-12th Grade