Rime of a Drunken Mariner

Grad party guide for SoCal cousins

Ahoy Ma-ties
Soon we’ll cheer with golden brew
Brainy feats of derring-do
Bubbly gold will do as well
As kinfolk pride will surely swell

This Rime won’t rhyme throughout
My Stein’s overfilled with Stout
My head may have some gout
The stoutly head welcomes pout

So set yer sights on up to North
Up the hilly mount’ns
And down the Grapey vine
Into the Valley
The valley of the Winter fog

Step Lively, me Hearties
As many a Dog’s bones
Lie mired in Mud
Or Baked by searing Sun

Make yer way past Orchard-land
Home of Hard-workin’ folk
Fools, louts and layabouts
May be also found
But should mend their ways
And make amends

Find the Par-tay for the young master Will
Who’ll be sayin’,
“The Feast is fine but show me the Gold,
The minted kind, if you don’t mind
A nugget or two will do”

It’s not too much to want
His Journey’s start
Needs undaunted heart
He hopes the sheepskin piece
Comes with The Golden Fleece

As he’ll be needin’ riches to parlay
To Rave beaucoup Par-tay
Where a Gleamin’, Glitterin’ Glance
Can mean a Fleetin’
Or a Life-Long

--Paul C., Adult