Rhyme Or Reason

Often I've heard them say no rhyme or reason
to describe something which has no obvious end.
To choose between the two I had no ease in
therefore to rhyming I will now pretend.

In rhyme at least we hear the poets' struggle
in verse and prose his style we apprehend,
although most of his words he seems to smuggle
he does his damndest this world to transcend.

Verse is quite nice in its due season
yet frivolous compared to smarts;
that is to say the light of reason
that seems contrary to the arts.

In reason at least we might learn
extrinsic principles to some degree.
Whether matter or void or God in turn
are compatible philosophically?

As to which is more meritorious?
Seems to pertain to subjective truth.
Poetry is the more notorious
for idle love and misspent youth.

Tony O., Adult