Poem Writing

My mind, blank.
My drive, non existent.
My creativity, gone.

Time runs at the speed of light
While my only thought is
“What am I going to write?”

I inquire a peer, maybe two,
asking the same question that has been made impossible for me to answer
For some, no response.
However others replied,
Only to say the same exact subjects I had rejected in my head.

No, too cheesy
“How about nature?”
Too overwhelming
“On the other hand, I have more time, I’ll do it later.”

The week flutters by
Just like the colorful butterfly I saw the other day!
“Should I write about that?”
No, too simple.

The weekend arrives all too early
I’m running out of time
Out of ideas, motivation
I have wasted my time, again

It’s Monday night
I have no other option
But to write whatever comes to my empty mind.
My first thought,

Nothing, blank, emptiness.

--Richard M., 7th-8th Grade