Poem for Fall

Wind flies through the brisk fall air.
Making the sun colored leaves sing
While the laughing wind winds through the trees
That reach their graceful arms to the blue sky.

Hush. Be still. Listen.
The sounds of fall are swirling around us!
Like a chorus of nature. Full of beautiful, clear
Astounding fall sounds.

Warm sunny days are fleeting and short,
The blue sunny skies hold the winds
so very frigid cold

Goblins! Ghosts! Greetings galore!
Trick or treat! Today is halloween!
Boys and girls alike can fill up
Their basket full of sugarfied treats

The great blue sky reaches up
Kids run through yards and above playgrounds
And shriek and run when geese fly by
High up in the great blue sky.

The days are shorter, the nights are longer.
The leaves are a color of a bright fun sunset
We sit and watch as the years go by,
But, did you stop to appreciate the beauty of fall fun?

--Brenda Z., 3rd-6th Grade