Now I Know

They are mean and ruthless
Throughout all of school, they bullied me
I always thought they would change,
They never did
And here I am now

Still being bullied,
Still being pushed around
However, now I know
Now I understand,
It is still a bad way of getting through it,
But at least now I know why

I know why they are doing it,
I know how they feel
I get it,
I understand,
It’s hard
But they will get through it, just like the rust of us

They are just expressing it differently,
They hurt people,
All for the same reason
Because they are scared,
Scared of what might come to them,
Scared of life itself

But It’s okay,
I know bullying is wrong in every way,
However, there is a part of me,
A small part of me,
That feels bad for them
I know what they are going through, and deep inside we all feel the same

We are all scared,
However, we just express it differently
Some better than others,
But in the end,
We are all the same,
We are all terrified

Bullies are mean, rude, and disgusting
But in the end, they are the same as you and me,
They are scared.

--Angelina C., 7th-8th Grade