Natures Treasure

She slept in front of a cactus for some time
She often wondered about the treasures of life
When some view it as a crime

She thought nature’s treasures were worth more than gold
But others thought she wouldn’t break the mold

Some thought she was crazy, when she fought for nature
And waited for the majority of greed to end

She thought this special place near a cactus
Was her way to cherish nature’s gift,
She slept there for a year,
While others tried to break her,
She didn’t crumble or bend.

Her nights were filled with cover of the moonlight and the stars
She thought being near the cactus was a place, a shelter
Many people didn’t think she would go far.

One day she woke to honey bees
Remarkable and true.
She couldn’t decide where to go,
She didn’t know what to do.

She treasures nature and the beating of it’s heart.
When they stripped her of her freedom,
She thought it would all fall apart.

She measured her days with being
A part of nature’s treasure,
The experience of life,
Is something you cannot measure.

Before you’re quick to judge,
The girl near the cactus of flowers and bees,
Just remember what you value,
Because it might come to you in threes.
--Kyla E., Adult