My World

What's wrong with this world
we used to be so connected
between heaven and earth.
But now it's vis versa and
we are killing eachother
with every lie, and every curse.
We used to have a golden kingdom
full of love and cheer.
But democracy's got us
to hate and fear.
I hear stories of when kids
were allowed to roam the streets
and not get raped or drugged.
They had life to live
and lessons to give.
Now, because of all the hate
and stress of this sickening virus
known as the system has
all got us by the rope around our necks.
Like we are just some mule that has no purpose but to do as we're told without giving a check
What's wrong with the world?
We have to dig plastic and none dissolvable waste out from the shores of beaches because
we are to lazy
we can’t save the earth from going into a catastrophe!
I'm getting tired of this! Not even to mention that
Girls have to starve themselves to fit into the dress they have to be a perfect fit
Boys have to be strong and fit to please society
It teaches them it's bad to cry, it's bad to show their final plea.
Can't anyone understand that why we are pathetic is because of the way society rules?
Or is everyone to caught up in trying to figure out Why we are so cruel?
Our world is dying
We are all crying
Society is not providing
The government is lying
We are all stuck in an endless loop in the world that has a set date and time of demise.
By the days and by the years.
Our world is getting sicker
we are all getting weaker
Yet no change has prevailed out of all our tries.

--Ashley M., Adult