My Grave

With every word I dig my grave
All my faults echo in this cold cave
My sorrows wrestle me to the ground
Fear tells me ill never be found
Slowly the pain settles in my bones
Completely ignoring my grunts and groans
Disappointment swarms me like flies
As I am buried constantly with lies
Watching my hope leave me behind
The thought of death fills my mind
As time moves on I close my eyes
And the last tear on my face finally dries
But in the darkness a light appears
The pain is banished along with my fears
The lies are unearthed and carried away
And I am left in no dismay
Disappointment is swatted aside
No longer dose death live inside
My sorrow is pulled off my back
And my faults escape through a crack
A hand reaches down and grabs my arm
Bringing me back, away from harm
There is a man standing before me
And the smile on his face is the last i see
He disappears leaving behind his voice
Telling me he loves me, that I'm his choice
Instantly my hope is restored
And my heart burns for the Lord
He saved my life and I am so blessed
And I will praise him with all the days I have left.
--Spencer W, Adult