Midnight Snack

They wait patiently,
In hope that they will not fall victim,
Just like their previous neighbors

As legends had told,
A horrible beast would take hostages randomly,
And send them to their dooms

Nobody knew if the legends spoke the truth.
Although, some innocent had gone missing.

So everyone waited, and waited
So quietly that maybe, just maybe
The monster would not steal their lives

Finally, the time had come
The predator would select its next meal
They feared that they were the chosen ones
And they agonizingly accepted their deaths

The whole town was abruptly scooped into the air.
Everyone knew that their time alive had ended.
The creature unmasked their tiny village,
As it devoured every villager, one by one...

After many seconds, there was no one left.
The village had “disappeared”.
They then slowly came to the realization,
That they were still alive!

Stuck, in a deathly humid, and dark, room.
Waiting for their neighbors to fall out of the sky,

To accompany them in defeat.

--Shayne S., 7th-8th Grade