Me, Myself, and I

Me, Myself, And I
Me: I hate you.
Seriously what is wrong with you.

It seems that you are just a unwanted weed.
In a garden of beauty.
I’m in shock.

Because honestly, I would have never figured you are a wanna be clown.
Especially since your doing the opposite of what a clown does.
You can never get anything right.

Seriously what is wrong with you.
Myself: Me? Whats wrong with me!
You think I asked to be this way?

I didn't want to be a,
Hot headed, disappointing capsule of flesh,
I don't mean to be the grey cloud in everyone's blue sky.

I look around and,
I see all these people.
These picture perfect people.

Who I just can't help but envy.
Dreams that I can only wish to stay asleep with.
We all have to wake up someday, to face reality.

To only realize not everything is going to be the way we want them to be,
I'm not who I want to be.
Everyone states that im fine the way I am

My heart breaks, shatters into a million of pieces because
I know deep down,
Deep down they don't mean it, they just don't mean it.

Excuse me but have I to leave.
Ok, but before we say our farewells,
I: I must say other people are not the ones who are lying to you…

Myself: sure(now in tears I walk away from the mirror).

--Giovanni L., 7th-8th Grade