Self sabotaging, self sacrificing

Words cannot explain the pain felt deep inside

A tortured soul cannot carry the weight of such a cruel world

Blameless in it all yet still so full of shame

Words tear at the mind, hands tear at the flesh

Succumbing to the game of his masterful illusion,

Bringing about such disaster-full conclusions

Believing all the lies and wanting so badly to run and hide

Already torn apart by demons from the past

Not sure how to take off this beautiful mask

What lies underneath no one can say with utter certainty

A victim or a survivor, maybe a bit of both

Hands possess the body and words possess the mind

The will to survive so strong at times that it scares them all half to death

No one knows what they can accomplish until their put to the test

His grip sometimes loosens and then tightens again,

Suppose this is what happens when you play games with a distasteful monster

Searching for love but coming up short and their words echo loudly “You’re destined to fail”

Scars consummate the battles that have been fought

Withdrawing into darkness afraid to let any light shine through

Forgiveness a must in this endless war but you shall come to learn that forgiving yourself is the greatest defeat

Tears flow softly, it cannot be denied that a soul so damaged deserves to take flight

Soaring to new heights and experiencing new things

Let love flood your heart when you feel broken and bruised

Because in the end love truly can conquer all, even the evil at hand. 

--Jenna R., Adult