I walked among the shadows to the ruins

Little black flowers littered the grass

Once vibrant, now drooped to the dirt

I watched as they withered along with my soul

In the sand laid shards of broken glass

Our once perfect life torn to shreds

By your single mistake

That night the clock ticked

And ticked

Louder by the minute


The lightning within my head crackled, as I was pelted

With thoughts of doubt and rage.

Our love was charred and demolished

The water whispered betrayal

The wind yelled unfaithfulness.

Each and every grain of sand mocked my vulnerability

Was I not enough?

Was I a weed, and she a rose?

Why did you pick her?

I was wounded

And as I healed, there you came

Running back as though nothing happened

And so

The Moon watched, unable to help, as I ran across the


Back into my poison’s arms

There I stood, safe, yet vulnerable

The air fills with toxicity

My broken happy place is restored

And all is quiet.

--Marisol C., 7th-8th Grade