It's About Justice

The Central Valley is the Belly of a Beast.
A calf made of gold and riches is what it eats.

Poor wages, wealthy corporate granjeros.
They resist employment strikes by hiring braceros.

America complains, with a feigned pain.
For they point at immigrants to blame.

When capital is limited, CEO’s look for Mexican Muscle.
So under orchards or within vineyards, we have to hustle.

Woe to the habitants of California’s fertile stolen land.
Modern day corporate framers exploit to expand.

It has been fifty three years since the boycotts and strikes.
Organized by Chavez, to stand for farmworkers’ rights.

Nonviolence, the Heart of his movement.
One of Many Chicanos demanding improvement.

Employers resisted, withholding THEIR American Dream.
Violating Chicano’s Constitutional rights is simply blasphemy.

All men are created equal under the Holy One True God.
Unless you are born brown, red, or blue it might simply be America’s fa├žade.

Let us walk to Sacramento without resentment and bitterness.
March for freedom, like Moses in the Wilderness.

Two hundred and fifty miles across The Valley of The Shadow of Death.
Passing vineyards and orchards, with laborers breaking bread.

Modern day field workers, at least a couple in each field are underage.
Yes! Some of these Valley Farmers have child labor on their plates.

Itchy finger I.C.E. wants to crucify immigrant Jesus and deport Mother Mary.
Imagine The System separating you from your family, now that is scary.

The pen is mightier than the sword,
Love your immigrant brother, thus, saith the Lord.


--Ernesto M., Adult