Innocent Man

“What’s going on?”
“Just turbulence don’t fear,”
“Is God really here?”

Pilots took a sharp turn that nearly flipped us sideways.
Wait...Chicago wasn’t this direction,
That moment started the tension

Behind me, a sobbing man,
“The plane I’m on right now has been hijacked and don’t know if I’ll be home tonight... or ever again. I love you and tell the kids I love them too.”

Was he exact?
Yes, our plane was hijacked.
Bombs, knives, blades— they had em.
Terrorists! Terrorists I say!

Yelps, howls, gasps, and screams I heard.
Downward, downward we went,
Outside— was that… New York?! This was nowhere near Chicago! Is that… the World Trade Center?
The lower we got, the louder the roars were.
A blink of an eye and that was the end.

Families cried.
The Guiltless died.
Heroes tried.

Was this the new trend?
Crashing and Burning buildings? Or saving people’s lives and enjoying life?
Heroes sacrifice themselves to save innocent men, and to leave the assassins to survive? Who said our world was fair?
Is that how our world has become?

Was this some kind of dream?
Or maybe I was hallucinating.
No, it was a nightmare—in real life.

Someone help!
Someone save me!
Someone—call 911. 

--Teresa F., 7th-8th Grade