I love you

I love you
I can’t put my love for you into words
So a simple ring will have to do
To saving all our secrets
Guarding our love carefully
Shielding us from hate in the outside world
Nothing is more precious than a promise
This ring protects you
From us to eternity
I speak from the heart
Anything it says is true
And with this ring it shows
I love you

I love you
Our souls have been bonded
You’re the only one I see
My phone captured your beauty
But your smile captured me
My love for you is explosive
That not even a ring could hold
I will entrust our future
To a single pale rose
I trust what I believe
Our souls intertwined
Forevermore bliss
I love you

I love you
With these hands
You will never shed a tear
We can build a living
As long as I am here
Your heart will never break
Here’s the ring to prove
I will never break our promise
You are my life
I watch what I fear
Losing you would break me
I will prove our living will be sturdy
I love you

I love you
Thank you for all your lies
To build me stronger than ever
I wish the truth was sweeter
But now with my welding sword
Our hearts will not sever
Souls combined through living pain
The ring I have will be later
For now let us grow
I know time will heal
Our love will get better
My heart sees us hurt
For now I will endure yet another
I love you

--Ashley M., Adult