How We Met

How We Met

Days before a year happened
Stranded by a nightmare that will never end
thou at times of energy, there still was the creature of nightmare.

The heart that once was there turned the other way.
The one house seen by the window is empty.
Leaf of fall that was just there, few away, gone completely.
The heart, the one house, the leaf of fall it’s, all
NORMAL to the reflection of the window.

Let’s not talk about the sunshine, it was never there
reflection only happened in the darkness.
Rolling wheels, music notes, crazy ones around,
reflection is permanent.
Reflection it is because that’s what’s through the window
This view took 180 days, nothing to simple.

Until the reflection shattered into pieces and a spark of light
bloom out.
The ear hearing, right? A spark, not a lot.
Okay ear...not the reflection through, but the BIG one across
from it was still not letting it spark even more.

The reflection that shattered finally had a conversation with
sunshine about darkness.
There at times, the reflection has gone behind
back of darkness to be with sunshine.
The reflection through the window knew that sunshine
was going to be through all of it.

The nightmare of darkness finally met with sunshine,
just sunshine.
Wow sparks,
a lot of them burst out of the darkness.
Believe or not the nightmare of darkness wise words to sunshine where,
“Reflection is to be seen by the beauty and
taken care of all times through my eyes.”

The nightmare of darkness, sunshine, and darkness was settled into
having love for all of each other.
--Delia R., Adult