There are nights when my depression comes back for a visit
He only ever visits when hope is away
He'll laugh at all my new pictures with my friends
And throw all my hard work on the floor
He tries to spend the night
Forcing himself into my room he makes himself at home on my chest
He laughs and yells at me for thinking that I could get away from him for acting like he couldn't find me
He takes away my phone and tells me that if I try to call anyone he'll kill me
When he turns around I try to crawl away
But anxiety comes in and stops me
They force me onto my bed and laugh at each sob that escapes my mouth
Looking around my room depression starts to get angry
For each good day I had he hits me
Anxiety wraps himself around me making sure I can't go anywhere
So I close my eyes and try to step away
I think about how I hope it rains tomorrow or that new show I've been meaning to watch
Slowly I start to feel myself fall asleep
Faintly I can still hear depression yelling telling me to let go and give in
To finally do what I've wanted to for so long
But a light in the room catches my eye
A little light under the door that they can't see
The door starts to open and suddenly the yelling is louder and it's not just depression now
Hope came home early
Depression quickly rushes for him while anxiety tries to get me out of the room into his car
But soon the whole front yard is full of people who won't let him take me away
Every friend I've had and every family member who has loved me is there
They say they won't let them take me away like last time
It isn't too long until they set me free
But the noise inside is gone and I'm starting to get scared
Hope isn't back yet
We all rush inside only to find both depression and hope on the floor
A gunshot in both
But only hope still glows
A week later it's discovered depression had brought in the gun to finish me off
But hope came in before that could happen
Swearing that he would never allow them to capture him he decided to take hope with him
So he shot them both
After years of trying to tear me down, isolating me from everyone I love depression was his own downfall
And in the end only hope survived

-- Angel A., 9th-12th Grade