Hey, Little Brown Girl

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Little brown girl, looking back at me
Born with brown skin back in the day
And a kinky fro
From an early age, we're told not to like who we are
Because no matter the shade, we're not good enough
To the "white" race

We are judged by our twists, braids, and cornrows
Suppressed to bend our will
To the conformity of the "white" race views of what's acceptable
They don't understand our hair or care to know

African Americans are beautiful people
Even with our kinky hair
Dark skin, brown skin, and light skin

Hey, little brown girl
Don't feel discouraged to abandon your cultural roots
Feel proud of your skin
Feel proud of your kinky hair
Stand up for what you believe
And rock your hair to your liking

--Alisha R., Adult