A ​PERFECT ​score, a 10
 Is there such a thing of “​perfect ”?
 Or is it all society? Imperfection of flaws 
 Covered up by products

Yet can it be achievable or believable  
Physically and mentally, inside and out
 Or is it a goal we put together to destroy one another?
 Something unrealistic  

 Is there such a thing of “​perfect ”? 
Or is it our ​insecurities
 Working so hard to achieve the impossibility 
 But is it society or the community, 
 May be both combined 

The influences of older generations and now younger 
 Social media, beauty products  
So many things that create this impossible achievement 
 Perfection! a population of 0 

In all we are perfect just the way we are  
No beauty products to cover the “​ugly​” in us
 No certain requirements to be a “perfect” human

--Kylee L., 7th-8th Grade