Don't Blame me

Don't blame me with your cultural differences, color barriers
In some ways you
blame me for what;s wrong with your life that has gone a rye
Well no more bye, bye
Don't blame me because you don't
Live within your life like I do
We have the same opportunity to achieve our, goals
I am more willing to take risks
I bet you won't
You want to blame someone, blame yourself for
Lacking in the willingness to change
Wrapped up in your misery and doom
I will not ignite that fuse
I will leave you be to wallow in self pity
I am my own creation of myself image
To bleak for me to follow in your path
Because I am my own creation of what I want to be
Not a slave to fashion, I can only find my greatest passion
I don't follow the rules I make my own
Don't blame me for your messed up life
Blame yourself for your misery and pollution of the mind
Don't blame me

--Linda G., Adult