Don't be Silenced by Pain

Is pain imaginary or real?
Is it more than what we can bear?
Pain is a thief in the night and comes to steal
Shouting in the darkness, “Does anyone care?”

My friend and my mom are two strong women I know
One’s pain was physical, it griped to her bones and still won’t let go
The other’s was emotional and it reached deep into the depth of her heart
The emotions were raw, heavy and deep
Now we are apart
She ended her life, leaving others to weep
My friend is gone; thank God mom is still here, alive and well
She is a gammie on a mission to bring joy to her grandchildren

Medicine is temporary it doesn’t get to the root
But pain is real; it often puts us on mute
Don’t be silenced by pain
Speak up, reach out, hold on
You are loved
You have so much to gain
Capture the thief called pain and take back what it has stolen
The next shout you hear “Does anyone care”
Be that friend that gets help, the one that is always aware!

--Jessica "Joy" B., Adult