Dear Music

Dear music, you are the one I can’t live without
You were there last week when I was depressed
When the only thought in my head was doubt

Dear music, thank you for yesterday when you helped me,
You always seem to know what to do
Playing all the right songs at the right time

Dear music, sometimes you make me feel sorrow
Playing soft tunes, causing all those thoughts to flood back into my head
But it’s ok… because I know that you are only helping me win the race
I know that when it’s time to be happy you will be here
Blasting bass, making me move, a smile beaming on my face

Dear music, with my final hour I just wanted to say,
Thank you for all that you have done,
But I have one thing to ask

Dear music, can you please treat my descendants as you did me
That is your one and only task
To teach them about life just as I was taught
For this is my last hour, which means I can not

Sincerely signed ,
Logan T

--Logan T., 7th-8th Grade