Dear Giraffe

You knew me before anyone else
Before myself
We’re similar, you and I
From the times we’d laugh to those when
we’d cry
I’ll miss you and the way your eyes search for
approval after every joke
Reminiscing on those 7th period freshman
year hair strokes
That would put us to sleep
I know you had ambitions that were lost in the
chaos of getting life together
Just remember that I will carry that version of you with
me forever
I love you and I want you to be free
Don’t forget who you were and who you want to be
Don’t be scared to be yourself
Because those who have hurt you have only
hurt themselves
My writing style isn’t usually like this
But I know you’re all about those cliches
So cheers to you, and I hope your life is full of bliss
And you never forget the true meaning of
those old man-helping candy canes

--Libby R., Adult