I wake up to see five different colors with different personalities
One yellow, one red, one black, one brown, one white
Yellow, full of happiness but unstable
Red, sarcastic but secretive
Black, stern but emotionless
Brown, organized but stress
White, beautiful but vain
Each one, a shining star
All was fine until an odd color comes
Blue, interesting but mysterious
Blue slowly over powering the other colors
Everything- destroyed, gone
The five beautiful colors are gone and replaced with black and white
Everything monotone
“Hello? Colors where did you guys to?”
Blue, what once was so dull was shining brighter than any star
Fighting, fighting is the only option
Blue, stronger than anything else
Why, why won’t it go away!?
I lay in defeat as one question appears
Yes, No

--Viviana V., 7th-8th Grade