Charmin Blues

The virus spread
It went to my head
I made a mad dash to the store
I already had 4 rolls in my house
But I thought- I need 50 more!
When I saw the store shelf
I thought to myself
Oh no, what am I gonna do!?
The shelf was bare
No Charmin was there
So how would I clean up my poo?
So I drove around town
Till at last I found
A place that had plenty in stock
I took all that they had
Feeling quite glad
Till I noticed the time on the clock
It was time to eat
But I didn't buy meat
Or beans or rice or fruit
While acting quite rude
I forgot to buy food
And now it's just me and my loot
Don't do what I've done
I'm warning you
Cause I really don't feel like a winner
And if you do
Then you may too
Be having Charmin for dinner!
  --Cynthia R, Adult