Black Heart

I sat in my room thinking about the past
How I'd never get that time that I had wasted back.
The loneliness of it consumed me
And darkness had become my closest friend.
It gripped my heart like a moray grips its prey
And I thought the pain would never end.

Two dark years had moved on like magma
Slowly destroying me inch by inch.
I wanted to end it all, and my depression had only encouraged me.
It seemed God had forgotten me in that dark sea
And I had forgotten in turn my reason for life.

The devil had recognized me and knew me
As I visited hell so much it lived in my heart.
But while I was in that hell something spoke
And it said, "you are free."

At that moment, my heart was given wings
And the hell inside me was washed away by grace.
It seemed God had not forgotten me after all.

-- William O., 9th-12th Grade