An Old House

The clock cries out
As my slippered feet
Slip and slide about

They pad downstairs
Tossing up dust and dirt
Tip tapping with care
Creating a path through the dirt

I step foot in the kitchen
White curtains blowing
The moon framed by the window
I am waiting

In slips the cat
Whispering and purring
It carries the garden rat
It watches proud

I am waiting still
The moon leaves its frame
The walls creak until
Quiet things stir in the night

Up bounces the cat
Poised proud perfect
As though it will chat
I wonder what it thinks of the night

Silently I rise
Brushing the curtains
I gaze at the sky
A twinkling of stars

A quiet night
Dark and hopeful
I listen to the darkness

I am called to rest
The night a blanket
My thoughts a companion
Bong! Bong!

Sofia K., 7th-8th Grade