A Strange Place

I was once in a safe, dark, warm, and cozy place,
Then all of sudden, BOOM!
Bright, flashing lights all in my face,
The beeping sound of something strange,
The sound of a cry filled the room,
I was put with an enormous monster,
It seemed happy to see me,
I didn't know who it was but I felt even more safe being with it,
After some time I was taken away by one wearing all blue,
It was wearing something strange on its face,
Could it be its mouth, nose, or something else?
Then another one one came in,
They both looked down and seem to glare at me,
Then one placed my under something hot, and the other one wrapped me in warm cloth,
Then I was placed in a separate room with others like me...

--Andres L., 7th-8th Grade