A Dream About Her

She held my hand with a vice grip Fingers interlaced with mine As we walked through the ivy-covered gates of the garden We were both seeking something Stone walls stood firm and tall against the sky Surrounding the stunning grove of trees before me Trapping the sweet scent of flowers within It seemed like every surface From the rose petals to the rocks in the stream Glowed golden beneath the light of the sun directly overhead The warmth wrapped around me like my favorite wool coat I looked at the trees with emerald leaves And marvelled at the fruit that they bore Each one was a different color Countless hues and shades Some of which my eyes had never seen Each with unique markings I couldn’t help but smile to match the beaming face Of the beautiful woman in sheer robes that approached us “Welcome,” she said, “to our garden These trees are gifts from God to his children Go, search the trees together For if you find two fruits that are exactly the same You two are meant to change each other’s lives forever Share your fruits, eat them together So you can spend your lives in tandem” So my companion and I got to searching We walked along the soft grass with bare feet Hand in hand Longing for a match I knew she was meant to change my life She had already saved me once Hours flew by us The sun never leaving her post As we went through the whole garden With a fine-toothed comb Finally, finally We found our twins We each held one in our hands Turning them over Double and triple checking the cream-colored freckles That stood stark against their deep azure surfaces They were perfectly identical I pressed the velvety skin to my nose And breathed in its sweet candy scent The aroma made my head swim This was it I eagerly bit into it Letting its juice fill my mouth and coat my tongue It was sweet Too sweet Then horribly, repulsively bitter My body heaved and I spit it out onto the grass Nose crumpled and gagging Disgusted The inside Was black and sickly brown Dripping like a sick child’s nose The fruit was rotting at its core I still cannot get that taste off my tongue

--Shelly F, Adult