A Cowboy's Heart

                      The West tugged at Ed’s cowboy heart
As youth gave way to years.
He logged and plowed and smithied
In the way of pioneers.

The ranchland turned to homestead
Beams roofed his home cathedral.
As majestic a home for man
As woods and streams for eagle.

Blessings fell as did the rain
With full measure of Dull Care.
All that he touched did prosper
As he shared treasure unaware.

Folks often came with empty cup
Nothing in their pocket.
His cowboy heart could not say no.
He always filled their bucket.

Ghosts filled the house with porch song
Transcendent. Sweet as honey.
Guitar and fiddle brought heaven down
To pals and faithful Sunny.

When eternity approaches,
And the mansion’s prepared above.
One asks, “What gave it all its value?”
And the answer echoed, “Love.”

--Mary W., Adult