4:44 a.m.

Honey melts into the green of your iris ,
I have studied it well on days I would sit in the passenger seat of your car
waiting for you to finish smoking .
I looked to my left and there was the whole sky standing six foot two .
Leaving me exhausted in love ,
watching the kaleidoscope coming from the rhinestones on your sweater .
You carry peace like it’s woven into your cracked spine
and every time you move I am drawn closer to the comfort that is you .
I can’t stop loving you the same way the breath leaves my lungs and returns once more ,
the same way you love the trees ,
and the same way I understand why .

Cherry blossoms drifting softly to the ground and touching the earth like an angels kiss ;
this is the way I look at you.

--Chloe C. , Adult