The Sea Of Mixed Emotions

He was just a boy changed by a tragedy
The pain and agony
He couldn’t believe his eyes it made him cry
He couldn’t believe that she would just say goodbye
She was his other half so they could make a whole
Poor boy was only a half now, he was sad down to his soul

Outside he sat on the cold wet grass and ate ice milk under his tree
He could hear his phone blow up from his friends telling him that it was okay you were just not meant to be
She was the only one to him, the only fish he wanted from the sea
Only if she came back to him it would fill him with much glee
He thought he could never find a girl like her or even better

His friends took him to the park full of water
Just then he saw the fish that would help end his slaughter
He went up to her so scared it was like he was on mute
But he finally ask for her digits and she said that he was cute
He could never be more happy
He couldn’t believe his eyes he found someone better that made him no longer sappy

They have been together now for a while
And everyday she made him have a smile
He forgot about the old girl that had stabbed him with a knife
The new fish he had was perfect so he kept her for life

--Noah H., 7th-8th Grade