Number 35-40

Number 35-40
Listen to the sounds
How peaceful, how joyful it was..
But Mother said no to the Queen.
The protest was futile.
Mother does what Mother wants.
It was unfair. Life is unfair
Especially with Mother around.

They talk.
They talk about Mother.
Sometimes, Mother hears.
Mother does not forget.
Mother does not like talkers.

Some of them run. They run from Mother.
They run across the wires. They run under the buildings.
But Mother always sees them.
Running from Mother was not going to happen.

I tried. To run
To the bridge.
There was a man on the other side.
He sounded-
He spoke in a language Mother doesn’t let us speak.

Mother warned us about that man.
But, I still ran.
When Mother caught up.
I was met with a choice.
Follow Mother
Or abandon Mother?

--Krishna, S., 7th-8th Grade