Dangers of the Unknown

She watches me silently, without blinking.
Waiting carefully for a chance to catch me off guard and possibly kill me.
With each breath I take, she inches closer to me, keeping eye contacted at all time.

Her large, glowing, emerald eyes pierce through me.
She's painted with the dark midnight color of black.
She stands on all four legs while one other longer, yet skinnier leg is always in the air.

She makes a strange yet soothing sound.
A noise that could soothe a baby to sleep.
Her sound calmed me a bit, but I didn’t fail to keep my attention on her.

A muffled voice calls me from behind.
At first I pay no attention to it but then I start to hear a fast tip tap tip tap coming from behind me.
I still keep my focus on her and only her.

She breaks gaze with me and looks up at the person whose voice was muffled.
I too look behind me only to find my mother looking down at me.
“What are you doing out here so late?!” My mother asks worriedly.

I point at her but then turn to only find the concrete floor she was on.
I turn back at my mother confused.
She looks back at me with the same confusion I held.

Days passed and I wasn’t allowed to go out into the world again.
I never got to see her again.
Never got to know who or what she was.

--Erin, D., 7th-8th Grade