Heart Stuck in Traffic

Sometimes I find myself at a stoplight, waiting for a signal, or to decide which way to go
I never know which way to go
Just waiting for the signal
You decide where i’ll ride and which way the wave of my motion shall subside

I never know which way i’ll go
Or where to hide when my thoughts collide,
With my fears, and through the years it’s become quite clear that my problem is I overthink

Overthink, over speak, overwrite
Every night, it seems as if they’re on my mind
Running around, I follow them down
It’s the only time I know where to go
But then as I wake, I find myself in a state-
Of which I do not know, which turn to take
Waiting for a signal, I never know which way to go

Stop or Go, slow or fast
The stoplight knows about our past
About the guilt buried inside us
Or the pride that only divides us

And if i’m being sincere
I find it almost presumably clear
That with the end of the year
I find myself stuck at the same stoplight,
Waiting for a signal or to decide which way to go
I never know which way to go.

-- Alyaunna Z., 9th-12th Grade