Don't Rely on a Savior

I felt content at my current position.
Arrogance attempts to persuade me
Into jumping off the cliff,
Convincing me that I can sprout wings and fly.
Confidence reassures me.
Arrogance forcefully pushes me off a cliff,
To which, to my surprise, I grow wings of Carelessness,
And fly to distance myself from any distress.
Carelessness diverts my attention from reality.

Arrogance, witnessing my carefree spirit, slyly sneaks away
Tearing my reputation to near shreds.
My pride constantly devastated,
Hope burned to a crisp,
Self-doubts roam about,
Insecurities elevate to the sky.
Arrogance then wields a bow of Exposure
And arrows of Peril, each one tied to a string.
The malignant being fires at my wings at breakneck speeds.

I, admiring my relaxed position,
Blind myself unintentionally from the reality of life
Ravaged by arrogance.
Peril pierces Carelessness
My wings are violently stripped from my body,
Falling helplessly into the waters of Deception.
Weighed down by Treachery,
My body slowly sinks into the water.
I find myself unable to breathe,
Understanding that I need air to fill my lungs,
But reality has struck me to such a great extent
I pay no heed to it.
I stare hopelessly into the sky, rippled by the waves of Deception.
A metallic shaft shoots through the water.
It is not one of Peril,
Rather one of Certainty.
Assurance to Arrogance that its malicious intentions are not intervened with.

Pain rolls excruciatingly deliberately throughout my body
My deceived physique punctured vigorously by cold Certainty.
Several more attempt to worsen my vulnerability
Even farther below than rock bottom.
However, my state of Mariana Trench despair is pinned to blame,
For my body has been drugged with an abundance of anesthesia,
Sourced from Treachery,
To the point where I point a gun at my head,
To force my mind to believe that the pain is of no effect,
I instead embrace it, as I feel it is the only thing I am capable of.
Considering my state of being.

A soft thud is silenced by Deception.
My figure greets the floor of the ocean.
I lie denying the writhing pain,
Suffocating in Treachery,
Awaiting the arrival of my light.
Minutes become hours, hours become days, days become weeks.
By a single withered thread, I cling desperately onto the last sliver of hope.

A shadow looms over the water,
My hand, with a last bit of strength, reached anguishingly for the unknown,
The light of hope glows more radiant.
The silhouette grows larger as its distance decreases.
Enveloping my form in a sea colored with, presumably, depression.
My heart pounds in anticipation.
Is this the second chance I have longed for?
The light of faith vanishes into thin air,
Realizing that it has been deceived
By the shadow of a passing sea creature.
Is this how it will be?
My end as a pathetic wreck?

Arrogance forced the physical being of Confidence to bear a mask,
A renewed identity: Facade.
Resemblance it maintains to my features.
A well-devised manner of deceiving society.
Much to their pleasure, the outside world accepted Facade
A “true” representation of myself.
The facade concealed Confidence effortlessly, yet effectively.
Favor bows to the puppeteer, Arrogance.

Nevertheless, society lacked a sharp eye,
Peering towards my end,
Illustrated by my torn mind,
Shredded body,
Soulless spirit.
My mental state yawned at the infinitely continuous fluid wrinkles
Impatience freed my body as it pulled the arrows from it.
The ripples of Treachery grew larger,
Suffocation propelled my limbs to the surface.
Relief filled my lungs with Liberation,
The first time in months,
No longer bound by the weight of betrayal.
Longing for land guided my body in the direction of the shoreline.
Clothed in rags and a skin blanketed in red essence,
I searched for the location of Arrogance and Facade.

Arrogance leaned nonchalantly against a wall,
Admiring his masterpiece from afar,
Smiling falsely at every recognizable person.

Society turned their heads in my atrocious direction,
Shocked upon witnessing the wounds caused by Arrogance.
I stomped furiously towards Facade.
Forcefully its mask was tattered,
Revealing to all what the veil had been concealing.
Many had been acquainted with Facade.
Deceived into accepting the axiom developed by Arrogance,
My true state, at this moment in time,
Nothing more than repulsive.

Arrogance departed disappointingly.
Facade, now solely Confidence, trailed behind arrogance,
Only to be rejected, resulting in its demise.

The weight of head’s rest eased upon my arms,
Pondering whether it was a mistake to reveal myself.
Reassurance motherly embraced my fragile figure,
Comforting me with memories:
Those who continue to care for me
Regardless of how others perceive me
Regardless of how I feel about myself.

-- Kate G., 9th-12th Grade