A Later Night

She feels so close yet so far
The Stars sprinkled across the dark blanket like glitter
Looking at her brought a sense of calm that only a view like her could bring
The sound of people nearby and cars passing was low and close to complete silence

She brought me a sense of passion that I had once forgotten
It felt like I could get lost in the beautiful darkness
Like I could drown myself in the stars
The city lights were nothing compared to the glitter spread beautifully on her
The air that embraced me like a favorite blanket was soft and warm
The leaves in the trees and the grass on the did the occasional dance with the wind

She hung her head low, shining only slightly brighter than the twinkling stars around her
Simply smiling down upon the Earth and those who live upon It
And as I lay there, still
My mind and heart could think of one thing
To share this lost moment in time with a view as magnificent as this
With someone as magnificent as you

And when I must leave it will be hard
To come back to earth and regain consciousness back with the land
Sad for only a moment for I knew
I’d see such beauty and passion in you once again
On a later Night

-- Natalie S., 9th-12th Grade