Your hands, you put them places they didnt belong. they were cold against my hot flesh.

Your mouth, said things that shouldnt have been said your voice ringing in my ears.

Your eyes, staring at me with no emotion or
mercy. I was scared of your gaze.

Your arm, placed around me like a protective barrier. i am not yours to protect.

Your hair, my least favorite color

Your voice, made the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I heard it I knew you were close; I wanted to hide.

Your "friendship", the way you made me feel guilty. the way trapped me for you to play with like a cat plays with a mouse.

Your smile, that unsettling smile that showed up in my dreams even a year later.

You, I dont ever want to be near you again. I never want to watch your hands come close to me and freeze in fear. I never want to feel powerless ever again. I dont want to cry and hope for it to stop ever again.

You, I want you to stop appearing in my dreams. I want you to stop coming close to me. I want you to stop haunting me like a ghost wherever I go.

You, I want you to leave me alone.

-- Isabelle R., 9th-12th Grade