Stockholm Syndrome

It begins as a hobby she thinks of as art
But slowly, the gnawing will tear her apart
Though they say that true beauty's all on the inside
She knows that they're lying and waves them aside

Every morning she wakes and her routine repeats
Of painting her face until she thinks it meets
The standards she's already set and prepared
It's better to die than to glimpse her face bare.

Someone help her escape the cruel prison she loves
Too scared to believe she is really above
All the things that they've said about how she should look
Steal back all the moments of joy that it took.

Don't believe the world's lies, for that's all that they are
And rescue the girls who have shame in their hearts.
Never cover your face if it only brings doubt
Remember you're beautiful, inside and out.

-- Elyse B., 9th-12th Grade