She's Been Hurt

She’s been hurt so many times i can see that she is so stressed
I can see how she’s been lied to,they be playing her like a test
She fights off all the tears but i know that she’s so depressed
The devil got her thinking she’s nothing,that she’s worthless

She’s gorgeous but lost and no one ain’t never gonna see it
She hides all of her feelings cause no one ever tries to believe it
She’s been talked about so much,but she can never actually hear it
And the worst part is she’s innocent,fragile and now her heart is cold

Now she roams around the world,so bitter,utterly sad
She’s not a bad person,she’s cautious but she has meaning
I hate how she’s been mistreated, I hate the way that she felt
But i hope she just stops pretending and just try to go be herself

-- London A., 9th-12th Grade