Ocean Soliloquy

There is no sense of peace like that which is
Experienced amid the vast ocean.
T’is unpredictable and unbridled,
Chaotic and tumultuous even,
But there is something about it that screams,
“Freedom!” It is one of the few things that
Man cannot domesticate nor own, yet
It somehow manages to feel like home.
As I feel the stresses and hastiness
Of city life piling up, I can hear
The familiar call of the ocean,
Luring me back home. And each time that I
Return, a wave of tranquility is
Washed over me. The formidable waves
Crashing on the surface, the salt in the
Air and in my mouth, the choking call of
The seagulls, they are all so dear to me.
For somehow the ocean manages to
Provide both solitude and comfort, an
Escape from my manic life, my haven.

-- Rebecca L., 9th-12th Grade