I ain't holding back

Listen to me now
Let me speak
Just for a while

I want to run
I want to fight
I want to live
My own damn life

You were the one who pulled me back
You were the one who let me down
You were the one who made me crack
You were the one who dragged me around

You were the one who said goodbye
You were the one who made me cry
You were the one who told those lies
You were the one who lived my life

I told you my biggest dream
I told you my darkest secret
I thought we were a team
I thought we coudl be different

I guess not

Remember when I worked
Hard and tried?
To always fill your heart
Up with pride?

I did everything for you
When the sun shone bright
But then came the moon
And it showed its dark side

Remember when
we had hearts?
And used to love with
Open arms?

Remember when you
Gave me the ring?
Thought you had actual
Feelings for me

Everytime i walk around
And i see your face
I always tell myself that
I will be ok

If i took a step
Would an earthquake start?
Does it hurt I made a choice
That broke your so-called heart?

I'm not sorry that I left
Look at me now
I am the best
I'm queen of this town!

You can't lock me in a room
Or keep me in a cage
I'm not your animal
I'm not your damn slave

You can't control me
I can't be contained
I am who i want to be
Cristal is my name

You don't own me
You don't control me
Remember it's Cristal
With an 'i' and a 'c'.

-- Cristal B., 9th-12th Grade