Goddess in the shadow

I never realized how strong my mother was.

She pulls our house like pulling teeth, replacing it with herself, a vertabrae for every door, a piece of her eye for every window, her ribcage to seal it away and her heart for the foundation.

Even after giving all that she is - to create a safe haven, to create all that i am. She gives until there is nothing left, except this women who is a hollow shell of strength.

12 hours of 911 calls in and out, trying not to hold onto the fear, the pain, the nightmares. I imagine every word hits her like my father did, but it doesn't, she takes every word with all its terrible glory.

She, my mother- is a goddess in the shadow. She stands in front of of her sanctuary, with a cerberus by her side, a head for everytime someone has ripped her open, hoping they’ll keep the next one out.

I never realized how strong she was until i saw her break, but even when all the fruit has rotted she still creates a way to make a bountiful season.

She is, s goddess in the shadow, she is my mother!
And if this is what strength is please- let it be known to - everyone.

-- Zia A., 9th-12th Grade