Fair Maiden

Fair Maiden lies between love and hatred;
she hides between the walls.
Voices all around her,
yet she stays, terrified of them all.

Fair Maiden waits and holds her breath,
eggshells beneath her feet.
Though she stands, she knows she’s bleeding,
and the success is bittersweet.

Tears stream down the maiden’s face,
and I watch as each drop falls.
Helpless, there’s no hope within her.
Rivulets seep into the walls.

Fair Maiden remains somewhere far away,
an ocean within her heart.
No, she is right before me;
actuality and honesty are still too far apart.

Fair Maiden likes it in the dark;
lights off and she can exist.
Dreams and thoughts that here endure,
in light, are too easily dismissed.

I watch Fair Maiden play her part,
admire her fa├žade.
She pains over a choice that was never hers.
Fair Maiden, we are all flawed.

Years have passed,
and Fair Maiden, I’ve buried in the ground.
I think I finally understand;
in this life, you were bound.

Fair Maiden,
hidden in bouts of love and shame,
Fair Maiden,
with questions unanswered and a desire untamed--
Though I know you now lay deceased, Fair Maiden, tell me, have you found some peace?

-- Antonia P., 9th-12th Grade