I cannot say I have never made an assumption about someone that wasn’t true
An idea I based off of some generic stereotypes or just a relation to some clue

Have I judged someone by the brands they wore or the tattoos they had
By the way they walked or the clothes in which they were clad
Or was it the expression on their face I misinterpreted as being sad
The jerky body language that I decided meant they were quite mad

I probably have done all these things and it isn’t something I’m proud of
and I understand that what almost everyone needs is some more love
But it is what we think and do that matters not how well we fit in the glove
the glove of society where we are without thought and question shoved

But the thought has been ingrained so deep and tucked away in my head
It's like spinning me with my eyes shut and asking me which way is ahead
The reaction is one that is deeply and thoroughly embedded and bred
It is the result of part nature and part nurture, a way to protect us instead

Throughout our lives our brain catalogs each and every interaction
Telling us when the time has come to go ahead and take action
When to show the entirety of our emotions or simply a small fraction
When to be sympathetic, infuriated, annoyed or to have no reaction

The emotions we seem to recognize and the ones we truly express
Are just a result of our brains' blatant attempt at an accurate guess
A guess of how much we should react or how much we should aggress
To let these emotions run loose or if they should be suppressed

We can never seem to pull ourselves out of that hole of negativity
No effect from double the amount of exuberance and festivity
By default, we resort to that sort of pessimistic defeatist activity
Perhaps instead we should be sanguine and have some passivity

-- Abheet S., 9th-12th Grade