I bet you didn't know a 10 year old committed suicide from bullying just this month but i bet you knew about Tristan cheating Khloe for the 2nd time.
Lets make our country great again , lets just see what our presidents tweets aside him bashing on athletes.
There's African Americans getting beaten by cops but let's focus more Tekashi 6ix9ine going to jail.
Little kids pulling triggers and young men not pulling out
Young mamas to be and still not even close to graduating high school .
Great influencer dying either from being caught up with other bad decisions from the past or they can't take anymore and find another way out.
If you have social media, come with me and we can do something stupid.
Record it then post it , hopefully it goes viral.
It can't be anything normal, its gotta be weird so throw some cheese on the babies face or dance a long the car as we are into traffic.
That will be even funnier if you get ran over.
I see the rich getting richer for just being priviagled.
Some worked hard to earn that success, others were born into it.
We like to hide the real world behind our back and keep the irrelevant in sight.
But all that weight on our backs, will soon crush us

-- Mariana S., 9th-12th Grade